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The Hölderlin String Quartet was formed in 2005 with the intent of presenting classical string quartet repertoire at the highest level. The quartet chose as its patron name that of Friedrich Hölderlin (1770-1843), since these four musicians feel especially dedicated to the poetic and musical art of his period. Each of the individual members enjoys a broadly diverse musical knowledge and innumerable instances as soloist and as members of other chamber music and orchestral groups.

Finely delineated and nuanced interpretations delivered with infectious energy characterize the playing of these young artists. The quartet has already played at national centers of Germany and has appeared at the Zeitreich international music festival in Lüneberg. The Hölderlin String Quartet has been stimulated in its efforts by the models of such young ensembles as the Mandelring, Mannheim, Sonare string quartets and members of the Orpheus quartet.

Since 2006 the quartet has been furthered by the E&B Weik foundation.
next concert:  31/01/2016  concert